Diet is the single most important aspect of Naturopathy treatment. Food supplies the necessary life-giving nutrients to the body. Most diseases are either fuelled by or the result of a poor and unbalanced diet. Eating the right kind of food is one of the most important factors in attaining and maintaining good health. The right kind of diet that Nature has endowed with raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and sprouted grains, have immense healing properties.

We recommend a whole food plant based diet of fresh uncooked fruits and vegetables, steamed vegetables, unsalted nuts and whole grains, designed to meet individual needs. There is also an in-house kitchen which provides delicious cuisine based on the principles of Natural hygiene.


Fasting Therapy means total abstinence from all food for a particular period pertaining to a specific purpose. Fasting is not starving, as it has to be practised under the guidance of a qualified person to ensure maximum benefits. Fasting is a method for reducing weight, for curing long run diseases without damaging the skin, tissues, or any other organs of the body. This centre under the expertise of Dr.M.V.Sukumaran has specialised in this therapy. The duration of the fast depends upon the age of the patient, the nature of the disease and amount and type of drugs previously used.

Fasting has an outstanding role in promoting and maintaining good health, in eliminating pain, in weight reduction and control and in prolonging human life. Fasting itself is not a cure, but as a means of permitting the resources of the body itself to take over to effect healing or take off extra pounds at a rate unmatched by any other methods. The simplest method to get rid of the body toxins is Fasting. Every animal in the world, with the possible exception of human beings rejects food to recover from disease. We have got other classic example from nature. In adverse climate we have seen trees shedding all leaves and stopping the process of generating food and remaining in dormant state until the adversity gets over. Our body is a complex organism and fasting acts in the whole system and helps to give out the toxins in the body. A correct mode of living and a balanced diet after the fast will restore vigour and vitality to the individual.

Fasting is never starving by depriving the body of food. On the contrary, it is exhausting all the reserve food stored excessively inside the body especially in blood cells, muscles, bone marrow etc, through unregulated food habits over a period of many years on the trot. After a couple of days into fasting, the gastric juices stops secreting and hence even the feeling of hunger stops. Hunger returns only after all the reserve food available in the body is consumed and this duration depends on various factors. Returning to normal food also to be managed in stages, and strictly monitored by an experienced Hygienist.

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